Meltco Icemelt Commercial (50 LB)


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meltco™ Lake Effect provides an economical and effective solution to melt snow and ice on sidewalks and walkways. meltco™ Lake Effect de-icer is an endothermic product which lowers the freezing temperature of the surface it’s applied to. All meltco™ products go through extensive processes to ensure our de-icers are screened, dried, and the ideal granulation size for spreading. Our specifically chosen formulation minimizes the overall application rate and optimizes melting effectiveness. Enhanced with a non-staining, bio-degradable, purple color indicator to prevent over-application and prevent slips and falls. meltco™ Lake Effect has no nitrogen or phosphorus added, making it an ideal snow and ice melting solution around any body of water.


  • Enhanced with MCi3
  • Ideal for Spreading
  • Works in Very Low Temperatures
  • Non-caking
  • Non-tracking
  • Biodegradable Orange Color Indicator

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