Digital Radio & Hearing Protector Safety Earphones, MP3/AM/FM


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MP3/AM/FM Digital Radio & Hearing Protector. Safely listen to your favorite music while blocking out the noise of the job. This product has been tested by a third-party lab and meets OSHA requirements for noise reduction. It's also been checked to ensure that the raido/MP3 volume does not exceed a safe level. SO go ahead and mow, saw, or drill with confidence - your hearing is protected! Features; NRR24 dB (Third-party tested), Free AA Batteries (2), sound volume complies with OSHA regulations, lightweight - even with batteries loaded, Free auxiliary jack cord, simple battery replacement. Adjustable steel headband, comfort-cushion headband and ear cups, high-sensitivity reception, easy-to-locate volume control, 16 preset stations, 8 stations/band, AM/FM radio and clock with easy-to-read LCD display, auxiliary jack, ideal for MP3 player, excellent sound quality, NRR 24 DB