Disposable Hummingbird Feeder, Red, 25-oz.


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11 OZ, Disposable Hummingbird Feeder, Pre-Filled With Preservative & Dye Free Nectar, Patented, Never Clean Another Hummingbird Nectar. EZNectar Fast-Feeder is a "juice box" for hummingbirds. No mixing, no cleaning, and no mess. Never have to clean another feeder. Patented as the ONLY disposable, ready-to-use hummingbird feeder on the market. Prefilled with sugar & water only, ready-to-use hummingbird nectar, containing no preservatives, no dyes, and no electrolytes -- absolutely no chemical additives. EZNectar is the only ready-to-use hummingbird nectar exactly like flower nectar. Sometimes preservatives are called electrolytes. Preservative, chemical and electrolyte additives are not part of a hummingbirds dietary needs. EZNectar uses only pure cane sugar and filtered water, containing no fluorine, chlorine, iron, or other minerals commonly found in tap water -- it is 100% pure. Finally, a better-than homemade store-bought alternative. Can be refilled 2-3 times prior to disposal/recy

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