Moo Doo® Composted Cow Manure (1 cu. foot)


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Our most famous and recognizable product, MOO DOO® is one product customers ask for by name! A mix of composted cow manure and compost blend, MOO DOO® is ideal for incorporating with existing soils for a lush garden and also for mixing with MOO DIRT®in your  plantings. Add MOO DOO® to sandy soils and watch your watering time diminish!

Mix MOO DOO® with clay soils and enjoy a superior texture! The slow release nitrogen allows for long-term feeding and the ultimate in gardening success!

  • Composted Cow Manure
  • Garden Beds
  • Mulching Trees and Shrubs
  • Top Dressing Lawns
  • Increasing Soil Fertility
  • Adding Organic Matter
  • Controlling Erosion
Minimum Guaranteed Analysis:
Nitrogen (N) 0.5%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.3%
Soluble Potash (K2) 0.5%
Available Bag Sizes: 1 cf, .5 cf

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