Moo Enhanced™ Dark Mulch Enhanced with Compost (1.5 cu. foot)


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Compost is considered a soil conditioner so adding it to an aged dark bark you create a mulch that will add nutrients and essential trace elements. Also because there is compost in the blend it will help hold moisture in your soil while mulching and protecting your plants. The dark bark that is used has been aged longer than most mulches. This will enable it to breakdown quicker making the nutrients more readily available.

Mulching your plants inhibits weed growth and insulates plants from fluctuating weather. Due to the fact our product contains compost there may be leaching that might stain sensitive areas, so please use this product with that in mind.

  • Composted cow and/or chicken manure
  • Aged hardwood and softwood bark
  • Mulching
  • Soil Conditioner
Available Bag Sizes: 1.5 cf

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