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Our 2016 Poultry Order Form is available now! Click here for available breeds, pricing & to place your order: http://bit.ly/23qPcf6.

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100% All natural firestarter, harvested from the stumps of resinous pine trees.
Valid 2/01 - 2/29/2016
The KONG Puppy toy is the original toy that started the KONG Puppy product line made with Kong's exclusive teething rubber formula.
Valid 2/01 - 2/29/2016

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Squirrel-Free Bird Feeding

Squirrels may seem cute and fuzzy, but they can be treacherous pests when bird feeders are involved. Not only will squirrels eat all the food, but they may cause severe damage to the feeder in their quest for a meal.

Storing Birdseed

Proper storage can keep birdseed fresh and nutritious for longer, ensuring that backyard birds have the very best to eat.

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  • How to Get Rid of Mice

    Whether you live in a new or old residence, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a mouse at some point in time. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a professional exterminator, first take a trip to your local independent home improvement retailer. Read more.

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